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Award-winning Evolve Technologies provides bespoke Software Development, Business Intelligence and Internet of Things solutions to a multitude of industries.

Building flexible Windows, Web and Wireless-based solutions, our Project Life Cycle adheres to rigorous standards. As a trustworthy, long-term business partner we supply the complete range of software development services in a full package or ad-hoc basis.

Software Development

We develop Software Systems, Systems Integration and Risk and Compliance solutions. We create and maintain new systems, reverse-engineer legacy systems and resuscitate redundant systems, also providing remote Managed Services to IT-reliant SME’s and multinationals.

Business Intelligence

Our leading-edge Business Intelligence (BI) solutions enable organisations to optimise the vast amount of data they produce. Providing robust technologies that gather and report information simply and meaningfully, we ensure our customers’ Big Data increases their profits.

Internet of Things

We build innovative Connected Health, IoT Industry and Internet of Things Insurance solutions. Partnering with startups, SME’s and multinationals, our internationally-recognised projects help organisations avail of the ground-breaking opportunities presented by the recent IoT movement.

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Why Choose Our Services?

We develop against the most robust of frameworks including Microsoft .NET, .NET C# VB SQL SERVER ERP, SQL SERVER Cloud, ASP.NET, Oracle, DB2 and Access, and our Project Life Cycle adheres to rigorous FDA standards. Building flexible Windows, Web and Wireless-based solutions, we work off a convenient browser-based mid-tier platform.

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Software systems are group of individual hardware and software components that intercommunicate based on a set of defined rules. Even the best organisations can only perform as well as their software systems allow. At Evolve Technologies, we partner with multinational and SME organisations in the development of bespoke solutions. Further to building completely new or “pure” software systems, we also support customers in making slight adjustments or adding additional capabilities to their existing systems, for example the automation of existing forms or the creation of additional reports.


Business intelligence (BI) is the analysis and presentation of information within an organisation to enable strategic decision-making and improved performance, and ultimately increase profits.

Specialising in Microsoft Products and undertaking a wide variety of their technical programmes over the last 17 years, as an official Microsoft Partner, business intelligence consultants Evolve Technologies uses Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence (BI).

BI is a business analytics service that enables your organisation to gain competitive edge through a variety of vital data analytics, dashboard and data visualisation tools. As dedicated Irish business intelligence consultants, we understand how the complex and time-consuming BI process requires in-depth knowledge of a business as well as its many new and legacy applications, tools, methodologies and technical infrastructure.


The internet of things (IoT) is the surge of recent internet development that has given everyday objects in our homes, workplaces and lives network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive vast amounts of data.

Technology is, of course, an essential aspect of IoT connected health, enabling the collection, merging, analysis and interpretation of often-complex and unstructured data from all relevant sources. Dedicated to making a change for the better, Evolve Technologies develops IoT connected health solutions for global organisations.

People Matter At Evolve

To “evolve” means to grow, develop, advance, progress, expand and transform, and at Evolve Technologies we love to be part of our customers’ evolution as much as we ourselves love to continually innovate and move forward. Developing long-term partnerships with our customers, we support and cheer them on every step of the way.

A Place Where People Enjoy Working.

We are defined by our core values of Boldness, Enthusiasm, Resourcefulness, Dependability and Attentiveness.